Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life is busy

B and I got mostly moved into our new place. We still have lots of boxes around because the movers broke ALL of our bookshelves (among other things). We ordered our Mini and it should be here at the beginning of December. (Pictures will follow)
 I am 18 weeks this Wednesday. We have been fighting with Brian's unit to allow him to come to my appointments. They are being Stupid with a capital S. They say I have too many appointments. I am complicated OB, I get seen once every 2 weeks, of course I have lots of appointments. Speaking of that, I am considered Complicated because I have "high" blood pressure. It isn't that high but because my mom had issues with high blood pressure when giving birth to my sister and had a cerebral hemorrhage because of it, they are being cautious.
 I have been working for about 3 weeks now. I am a nanny for a 1 year old girl. It is fairly easy work. The hardest part is walking up the stairs over and over to check on her during her nap.
Brian and I are still trying to get stuff to set up our house so we have been busy the last few weekends and have not had a chance to just relax. Soon enough we won't have a chance to relax when the baby comes so I hope things around here start to calm down some.
Speaking of baby, we have our baby registry set up. If you want to see how we want to decorate the baby's room you can check it out. It is on You can look it up under my name (Meghan Sestokas).
We are trying to buy enough diapers for the first year. So anyone know how many of each size we should buy? We have been picking boxes up whenever we see them on sale.
We also want to buy enough clothing for the first year as well but we are waiting on that until we find out the sex.
Speaking on that we will know two weeks from wednesday. But, I won't be plastering it online for a bit. I am going to send out our Christmas cards with the picture of the ultrasound. So I will not post the sex for about 2 weeks to allow everyone to get their cards. If you want a christmas card, email me your address. (

Wow that was quite the update!

Love you all!