Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ok back to my to do list because I have totally been slacking.

Tomorrow's to-do list

1. Elliptical
2. Crunches
3. Eat well.
4. Vacuum the living room
5. Laundry
6. Dishes
7. Talk to Brian
8. Call and Pay Brian's car note
9. Return my brand new Zune that refuses to turn back on. :(
10. Transfer Brian's motorcycle insurance to State Farm


This post is all about the worderfulness that is Naps. Naps are what make my deployed world go around. If I could take a nap every day. I would be amazing. Every time that I take a nap, I feel wonderful afterward. Also when I take a nap it wastes alot of the day away. And the more my days are wasted the faster that Brian comes home. When Brian is home we often nap together. I cannot wait for him to get home so that I can sleep in his arms again. I feel like my entire life is on hold this year. I cannot wait for Brian to get home so that I can get on with our life together. So like I was saying, Naps make this deployment go faster.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today was just an overall great day

I woke up to Brian getting online. We cammed and actually were able to talk over the cam. We have had an amazing week. We are communicating so well. I miss him so much. Every conversation we have is about what we are going to do when he gets back. He ordered my birthday gift from I cannot wait to see what he got me. He also let me go today and get myself a Zune. So now I have a really good MP3 player. I took a nap this afternoon. Today was my free day for food so I had sonic and dominos lol. I drove Brian's manual today. It is getting so easy for me. I am not stalling out at all. It sounds natural and I am barely having to think about shifting. I get lots of looks when I drive Brian's car. Brian says it is because it is a hot girl driving a hot car. He says it is rare to see a girl drive a car like his. I just love driving it because it is so fast. I am watching the Dark Knight right now and eating my pizza. Brian should be online soon. I just can't believe I am so lucky to have married a man who takes care of me so well. Today was great.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Email

So I just got an email from Brian's 1st SGT. I emailed him introducing myself because of my new FRG position. This is what I got back.


 Thank you for stepping up and supporting the FRG, Soldiers and their Families.  Also, you should be proud of your husband, he is doing great things over here.

OMG I am so proud of him. If you could know all the bullshit he has been though with this unit, to get this kind of recognition is just amazing. I am all smiles and tears right now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So you are looking at the new First Maintenance Company Family Readiness Group Auto Light Key Caller. It all started with me not getting any info from the FRG and it ended with me getting all the info lol. I am actually really happy. Secretly I really did want to be a part of the FRG from the moment I met Brian. But everyone around me tried to talk me out of it. Now I am an officer basically and I couldn't be happier. I like being a person in charge. I have always been group leaders and officers from high school on. I am glad to be in this position again. Hopefully when we PCS to Hawaii I can be part of our new FRG as well.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My Donut of Misery just hit 60% completed. Woohoo! It say......"Excited yet?" Heck yes I am excited. There is so much I miss about having my hubby around. I am going to list off a few.
1. cuddling on the couch at night with him
2. sex
3. waking up in his arms
4. him doing the dishes
5. him taking jarjar out
6. him cleaning out the litter box
7. sunday morning breakfasts
8. someone to talk to in the house other than my pets
9. someone to cook for
10. someone to go on a date with
11. someone to go to the movies with
12. kisses
13. sex
14. back rubs
15. laughing

There are tons more but I have stuff to do and I can't be typing on here all day :p

The bookshelves

well folks here are the bookshelves I bought and put together yesterday and today. The best part is now we have more room for more books. That just gives me an excuse to go to the bookstore again. YAY!
Later on this afternoon I am going to get my hair trimmed. Hair grows so much faster when it is short. Tonight I plan on working out and talking to Brian online but that is about it. I live a boring life lol.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new bookshelves

Well I went ahead and sold the chairs crappy book shelves kitchen stuff and mismatching dressers. Got $400 for it all. So I went out and got replacements with that money. I got a new and bigger dvd shelving unit.  And 2 5-shelf bookshelves and 1 3-shelf book shelf really nice ones in black with crown moulding. Today i will be putting them together and putting my stuff back on shelves. It will look awesome. I will take pictures I promise. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Brian sent me a cold from Iraq via his PT shirt in the mail. I feel like death warmed over. I didn't sleep for more than an hour consistently last night. And now I have medicine in my system so I have medicine head. UGH!
Thanks honey for the cold. You suck big monkey balls.

A sicky's to do list
1. lay on the couch
2. Eat chicken noodle soup
3. blow my nose
4. sneeze
5. talk to brian online
6. relax
7. get healthy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So Brian and I are talking online today. Then I get on facebook and realize for the first time in like ever Brian is on facebook chat. So I IM him on facebook chat as well. He tells me that he is talking to the daughter of his Step Uncle. 

At that point my jealousy kicks in. 1. He is talking to her and not really talking to me all that much. 2. technically he is not related to her. 3. She is a teenage girl who probably thinks it is awesome to be talking to a cute older army guy. 

I know that I should not be jealous. They have known each other forever. He considers her a cousin. It is not that I don't trust him it is that I don't trust the intentions of teenage girls around him. I don't want to have to beat them off with a stick, you know? 

Ugh why did I have to waste a perfectly good conversation on a stupid thing like that. 


Anyway my to do list today

1. eat well
2. exercise
3. get over the cold Brian sent me from Iraq
4. Shopping 
5. Clean up bedroom
6. Clean hard floors

Woot short list today. I sucked today lol. Oh well tomorrow is a new day. Plus sundays are my off days for diet.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be Back Soon

This video pretty much sums up my feeling on my deployment (thanks Sasha)

Yesterday worked so well lets try it again today.

I promise the not all of my blog will be to do lists. But until I get into a routine I am going to need to do lists.

1. Dishes
2. Clean Bathroom
3. Eat well 1245 calories :)
4. Exercise
5. Watch another movie
6. Talk to B
7. Read the book I started yesterday

Thought of the day: Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Woohoo DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Leaf

I am turning over a new leaf today. I am going to take things one day at a time and make goals for that day and stick to them. So here are my goals for today (kinda like a to do list lol):

1. Eat well
2. Exercise
3. Clean up the apartment
4. Mail off Brian's Care Package
5. Call Duvera about my Computer Loan
6. Call  about closing B's credit card
7. Call about closing B's loan for his motorcycle
8. Call about the pets blood tests for Hawaii Quarantine
9. Start reading a book.
10. Watch one of the movies I got from B in his last care package.

There we go 10 goals for the day. Lets see how far I get......


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Life of a Military Wife

(Stolen from Mandy)
Lots of moving...
Moving far from home...
Moving two cars, three kids and one dog...all riding with HER of course.
Moving sofas to basements because they won't go in THIS house;
Moving curtains that won't fit;
Moving jobs and certifications and professional development hours.
Moving away from friends;
Moving toward new friends;
Moving her most important luggage: her trunk full of memories.

Often waiting...
Waiting for housing.
Waiting for orders.
Waiting for deployments.
Waiting for phone calls.
Waiting for reunions.
Waiting for the new curtains to arrive.
Waiting for him to come home,
For dinner...AGAIN!

They call her 'Military Dependent', but she knows better:
She is fiercely In-Dependent.

She can balance a check book;
Handle the yard work;
Fix a noisy toilet;
Bury the family pet...

She is intimately familiar with drywall anchors and toggle bolts.
She can file the taxes;
Sell a house;
Buy a car;
Or set up a move...
.....all with ONE Power of Attorney.

She welcomes neighbors that don't welcome her.
She reinvents her career with every PCS;
Locates a house in the desert, The Arctic, Or the deep south.
And learns to call them all 'home'.
She MAKES them all home.

Military Wives are somewhat hasty...
They leap into:
Career alternatives,
And friendships.
They don't have 15 years to get to know people.
Their roots are short but flexible.
They plant annuals for themselves and perennials for those who come after them.

Military Wives quickly learn to value each other:
They connect over coffee,
Rely on the spouse network,
Accept offers of friendship and favors.
Record addresses in pencil...

Military Wives have a common bond:
The Military Wife has a husband unlike other husbands; his commitment is unique.
He doesn't have a 'JOB'
He has a 'MISSION' that he can't just decide to quit...
He's on-call for his country 24/7.
But for her, he's the most unreliable guy in town!
His language is foreign
And so, a Military Wife is a translator for her family and his.
She is the long- distance link to keep them informed;
the glue that holds them together.

A Military Wife has her moments:
She wants to wring his neck;
Dye his uniform pink;
Refuse to move to Siberia;
But she pulls herself together.
Give her a few days,
A travel brochure,
A long hot bath,
A pledge to the flag,
A wedding picture,
And she goes.
She packs.
She moves.
She follows.

What for?
How come?
You may think it is because she has lost her mind.
But actually it is because she has lost her heart.
It was stolen from her by a man,
Who puts duty first,
Who longs to deploy,
Who salutes the flag,
And whose boots in the doorway remind her that as long as he is her Military Husband,
She will remain his military wife.
And would have it no other way.

--Author Unknown 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my first care package

I got my first care package ever from Brian today. Only 7 months into the deployment but oh well. It came with my twilight book, a ton of movies, 2 dvd sets, my camera charger that I accidentally packed into one of his care packages, a PT shirt and my valentines day card. The card was amazing. It made me cry for twenty minutes. And I managed to wipe my tears on his PT shirt. Guess what I am wearing to bed tonight. It smells just like him.....sigh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We finally got our reenlistment bonus today. It was almost 2 months late. Finally Brian worked with the right people to get it done. SGT Morgan is an idiot and does not know how to do his job so it kept getting messed up. But now we have it and I can finish getting debt free. I will be paying off my final credit card and my computer and then Brian's motorcycle. It will free up $520 a month which can go to paying off Brian's debt very rapidly. Our goal is to be debt free by the time we leave for Hawaii. We are doing sooooo well. Yay!

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Post

Woohoo! I am trying out this Blog thing. Pretty much it will give me a chance to get my stresses and feelings out as Brian and I prepare to move to Hawaii.