Monday, June 28, 2010


They moved UP the date Brian is probably going to get home. This makes me so happy I cannot put my feelings into words.

So here are my count downs.

0 periods left
2 days left
same number of days as the age of an eighth grader.
96% done


Oh and on a side note my parents are in town, that also makes me happy.

AND I had to reschedule one of my beauty appointments because it would be after he gets home lol.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holy Hail Batman

We got one hell of a rain storm today. Golf Ball size hail. Hurricane force winds. Power went out. It was crazy. Here is the negative thing. We got serious hail damage. So bad that it knocked the motorcycle over onto the truck and set off the alarm on the scion. The damage is pretty decent and will total out the truck because it is so old. The scion and bike will be fixed. We were already planning on selling the truck. This just speeds up things. And we will be getting more money this way than if we would sell on the open market.
But it does offer up a problem. We will be down to one vehicle after the truck is gone, which is fine..... Until we have to send the scion off to Hawaii a month before we leave. Then we will only have the motorcycle until transportation picks up our household goods then we will have no way to get around at all. That would be a problem.

However, my Uncle Russ is amazing and is letting us borrow his Jeep Grand Cherokee for that last month. Thank goodness because if he didn't we would have to rent for a month for $600 ugh. We will have to pay for the bike entirely because it is under our deductible of $250. And we will have to pay $300 deductible for the scion. But I estimate we will probably get somewhere between 2-4 thousand for the truck woohoo!!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello my name is Meghan

And I am a GLEEk!

I hear admitting it is the first step, but I don't want to cure this addiction.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It has started

I have started my deep cleaning of the house in preparation of  Brian's return
Here is the list of things I will be doing.
1. Laundry (already in progress)
2. Wash the bedding especially the comforter
3. organize my closet
4. Organize Brian's Closet
5. Clean and organize all the drawers and the desk in the office
6. Get mattresses from my grandma
7. Make bed in office
8. Vacuum the whole apartment
9. dust all the surfaces in the apartment
10. Straighten the living room
11. Straighten the kitchen
12. Scrub all the hard surfaces in the Kitchen
13. Scrub all the hard surfaces in the bathroom
14. Wash the hard floors
15. Bleach and wash the floor on the patio
16. Wash down all the surfaces on the patio
17. Get a new tank of gas for the grill
18. Straighten the TA50 closet
19. Organize the outdoor storage closet (Brian told me to wait on this one)
20. Clean out and Vacuum the 2 vehicles
21. Wash the 3 vehicles
22. Get the chain and sprocket replaced on Brian's Bike
23. Fix the baseboards that are peeling away in the apartment
24. fix the carpet in the hallway
25. Dishes
26. Clean out fridge
27. Grocery shopping
28. take out trash
29. take bags of clothing to Goodwill
30. Take car into shop to get dents out
31. Levy Briefing
32. Transportation
33. Finance
34. Port Call
35. Haircut
36. Wax
37. Turn on Brian's phone
38. Put new fairing stay on the bike
39. Fix crack in Truck windshield

And I am sure there is more. Anyone want to come help me? I have a month to get this all done.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I hate about this deployment

1. 12 months away from my love
2. IDF Drills
3. "Fireworks"
4. The Internet
5. Not being able to touch my love
6. the War
7. People not understanding why he is there
8. People not understanding that it is not a choice
9. r&r is too short
10. Not being able to take care of my love when he is hurting or sick
11. Noone to cook for
12. Always alone in my house
13. Night time
14. very boring
15. No sex
16. Not feeling safe
17. Not being able to text him whenever I want to
18. having to deal with crisis on my own
19. Not being able to cuddle at night
20. Spending our entire first year of marriage apart.

But it is almost over. We only have 10% left to go. I love my hubby so much and it is totally worth everything that we have gone through this year.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Happy Happy Happy

Today was the stop mail date and I sent off Brian's last package.

Next Wednesday is the redeployment meeting with Rear D

I have one more AF

I have 5 more Trash Days

I need to get my waxing, hair, and nails done

I need to deep clean the house

I need to deep clean the vehicles

I am soooooooo excited

Oh and Brian sent me get well flowers because I have been sick. They are so beautiful. I love him so much.