Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Frustrated with my OB, Tripler, and my hubby's CoC

Ok first of all I have been labeled as Complicated OB for my pregnancy. Why? because I have "highish" blood pressure. Not high blood pressure just highish. todays was 138/75. It is high enough for them to be concerned but not high enough for them to do anything. Not only that but I also have an anxiety disorder that makes it next to impossible to drive in Honolulu traffic without having a severe panic attack.

So we got a note from the doctor requesting that Brian drive me to the appointments. Brian's CoC was fine with this for a while. I made sure all my appointments were early afternoon so as to not conflict with anything. Now they are saying I have too many appointments (every other week) So I should just "suck it up" and drive myself. Driving to Tripler from Wheeler is no easy matter I drive right through downtown Honolulu. It is about 20 miles but it takes close to an hour to drive it.

They were not going to let B go until I remembered that this was the appointment after my 20 week Ultrasound and they were supposed to go over the results. So B begs and pleads and gets to go. But he owes them big time.

We get to the OB and they take my vitals without even looking at my chart at all the nurse take my blood pressure and is like "is it always this high?" Uhhhhh Duh lady why do you think I am going to Complicated OB. Look at my freaking chart. Then we go see the doctor. This is only the 2nd time I have seen him because of the PCS and getting a complicated OB referral and all. And for the second time in a row he just asks how I am doing and finds the baby's heart beat and THAT IS ALL! I had to push the issue to find out what his plan for my elevated blood pressure is. And basically he has no plan. He is just going to "wait and see". I asked him to lay out the plans of when I was going to be going to my appointments and he finally told be that after 32 weeks I am going to be going in 2x a week for NST and still every other week to see the doctor. So I could potentially be going all the way to Tripler 3x a week. Which will start right when Brian will be in the field for a month.

Oh and I will be induced about a week to two weeks early. I asked what would happen if my blood pressure goes up and he skips the bed rest and goes right to saying that I will be admitted to the hospital. Then I ask him about the 20 week ultrasound and he asks ME what the tech said. He didn't even look at the ultrasounds. GAHHHHHHHHHH! I am so angry. Two weeks from now I am seeing a different doctor because mine will be on Christmas Leave. I am going to see what this doctor is like and hopefully see this doctor instead for the rest of the time. Also because I am high blood pressure they are supposed to do a 24 hr urine sample with me for a baseline and they have yet to do that. They only Urine sample I have given is in week 8 for my initial and that was at Ft. Riley.

Please tell me I am not getting upset over nothing but this is really frustrating me. I hate feeling like a number.

On a separate note: If you didn't hear already Brian and I are pregnant with a very healthy Boy who we are naming Xander Orion.


  1. I can't say one way or the other if you are over reacting, but definitely the reason they are monitoring you so much is because of your definitely elevated risk for pre eclampsia.I hope B's command eventually realizes how serious this all is and they help you out a little. *hug*

  2. i would be upset too, it sounds like he wasnt very attentive or interested at all. i hope the other one is better!!

  3. I really REALLY hope that the Dr. you see next is much more thorough, and better than your current one, and that you like them so you can switch.

    I also hope B's CoC gets their heads out of their asses and comes around.

  4. I had a lot of problems with the OB staff at Tripler as well, but I found a doctor there that is professional, thorough and caring as well. Her name is Dr. Jill Haslings. Try to get in with her instead.

  5. I can't see her because I am Complicated OB. But if you read in my next post, I did get a new and better Dr.