Friday, February 15, 2013

She is here!

So I was supposed to start my induction in the morning on Friday. I called like I was supposed to and they had no rooms open. I was strung along until 10:30pm Saturday. We arrived at 11ish and it took till midnight to get into the bed and get my IV put in. They did a vaginal exam and I was already dilated to 3cm and soft. So, I didn't have to get cervodex or a foley bulb which was awesome because the foley bulb was so painful it almost made me puke last time. So they started me on pitocin at around 1am. I labored naturally till about 4am when the pain got so intense that I requested my epidural. They turned off the pitocin to give me some relief except that my contractions continued on their own lol. They never turned back on the pit. They put in the epi and it was pretty successful except I could still feel pain in my butt and vagina lol. So he put in a boost and the broke my water once the pain went away. I was 6cm at that point. About 20 minutes later the bottom of my lungs got numb, the epidural got high lol. So they had me puff on my inhaler, gave me oxygen and turned off the epi. It never got turned back on because I was fully locked and loaded so they had me push. I could not feel a damn thing and yet I managed to push her out in 11 minutes. She came out face down and her cord wrapped around her neck twice. Because of this I wasn't able to do delayed cord clamping or skin to skin because they needed to clear her lungs. She started crying right away but because of the cord her lungs had amniotic fluid all in them still she still needed them cleared out. Once she was breathing right she was brought to me to do skin on skin and to breast feed. She latched on right away and fed great. Her body temp was low all the way up until this morning when they did the final exam before they sent us home.
She was born at 5:45am 7lbs 6oz 21.5inches February 3rd 2013

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