Friday, March 5, 2010

I just emailed Brian's Platoon SGT

Yeah I know I shouldn't have but he is trying to make Brian sign up for College classes. Thats right make him go to college. So here is my email to him.

My name is Meghan Sestokas, wife of Brian. I know that I have never contacted you, and that this is not the greatest first impression. And I apologize for my forthcoming in advance. However, in conversing with my husband today he informed me that you are trying to get him to sign up for college before he leaves Iraq. I could not let that blunder go unchecked.

There are several reasons why it is impractical and illogical for Brian to sign up for college classes. First and foremost, he wants a technology degree in Automotive sciences and they do not offer those classes online. Second, He cannot take classes online; it is a learning disability. Third, if he were to take classes they would not be in his chosen field and thus a waste of government money. Fourth, because of his punishment he will never be able to become an officer so taking college courses will do very little for his career in the Army. Fifth, College is a personal decision who are you to tell a person what they should do with their life? Sixth, if you force him to take college classes he will be unmotivated and not make the best grades he could be making. Seventh, we will be leaving for Hawaii in September. There is no way for him to finish a single course in that time period.

I understand that it would set a good example for the soldiers under him. However, there are plenty of other qualities that Brian has to look up to. It would set a worse example for the soldiers seeing Brian struggle and being forced into this.

I have my college degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies. And I have started masters level work. I know the requirements that college courses need. In order for College to have any real affect on Brian's points he will need at least 60 credit hours. An average full time student takes about 18 credit hours a semester. So in doing the math, Brian would have to go to school full time for 2 years in order for college to have an affect on his points. You and I both know that signing up for a few classes here and there will have no huge affect on his career and will not benefit him much.

If you made it all the way through my email, then I commend you. I tried to be as honest as possible. I just hope that you understand that I am trying to look out for the best interests of my husband, who I care for and love deeply.

Thank you for your time.

Meghan Sestokas

PS Brian does not know that I am emailing you. He told me about this tonight and I had to say something.


  1. My opinion? If he wants to take classes just for fun then he should. If he doesn't then he should politely decline. It sounds as if you are saying his SGT is demanding he take them. If so, that is wrong. If he is strongly suggesting then I don't see an issue with it.

    Personally I like taking for fun classes such as creative writing and psychology (ones not needed for my degree).

    I hope this gets resolved without incident.

  2. Yes he is demanding. He said today flat out I expect you to be signed up for college classes before we leave Iraq.

  3. Hmmm... that's not good. It's one thing to suggest strongly and another to demand. I probably would have let DH handle it but that's just the way my hubby is lol. He'd have been PISSED if I took it into my own hands. :p