Saturday, March 6, 2010

Score my point was made

He talked to Brian today. Brian did not get in trouble like all of you naysayers thought. Here is the email I got back:


firstly, i will not e-mail you without letting your husband know,I just found it odd that your husband didnt have any college and i wasnt trying to force him to do anything. i did think it would set a good example for his soldiers and it seems hard to tell soldiers to do things that you have done. I have college and it actually didnt take very long once i applied myself. I to, cannot take classes online and since weve have been deployed I felt that most people have have time to take a course.It wasnt my intent to upset him only to nudge him to better himself and to set a good example to his soldiers ( not that he isnt already).

once again i would like to say thanks for what you do and that my intent was not to get things stired up up .

thanks for your time,

SFC G***********

He he I win!

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  1. Wow... he has atrocious grammar. I am glad it all worked out.