Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Update

Ok So I had my baby shower on Saturday. It was a blast! We had it at Dave and Busters. Pictures will follow a tiny rant lol. So I had my 27 week dr's appointment yesterday. I got stuck seeing the bad doctor yet again. (eyeroll) So we go in there and he tells me that based on my blood tests from friday that 1. I do not have gestational diabetes, 2. I am not anemic, 3. That because I am rH- I need to have the rH- shot. So he gives me the paperwork to go down to the blood bank and get the shot. I get to the blood bank and they say they have no record of any rH- bloodwork being done at the hospital. Well I did do it, but in Ft. Riley so that doesn't count. The idiot dr was supposed to ask for the blood draw with all the rest of the tests I did on Friday and never did. He just assumed I already had it done, just like he assumed that I had my 24 hr urine sample already done. He is such an idiot. So after some arguing and some explaining we settled on a compromise with the blood bank. I had not eaten on Monday so I could not give blood then, so when I go in on thursday for my 28 week ultrasound I will go in early and have the blood drawn and then they will run the tests while I am having my ultrasound. Then after the ultrasound I will get my rH- shot. UGH!!!!!!

Ok done with the complaining. Here are the happy pictures:

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  1. Great photos girl! Congrats on a beautiful shower!