Saturday, March 5, 2011

Double Annoyance at Chili's

So Brian and I decide to go to Chili's for dinner last night. I go in to get us a table while he goes to the auto store next door to pick up a part for his motorcycle. I go up to the hostess and tell her party of 2. She says if I want to we can sit at the bar and eat there no wait. I said that probably is not going to work seeing as how I am pregnant. She looks me up and down and says "Oh you are?" I'm sorry but I am just 9 months pregnant. I look 9 months pregnant, are you insane wanting to sit me at a bar with high stools. You must be on crack lady. So then I am told the wait is 20 minutes. I go sit in the waiting area and a woman with a 7yo sits down next to me. At this point Xander starts kicking me in the ribs. So, I start rubbing that area. The woman notices and asks me how far along. I say the beginning of my 9th month. Her jaw drops and she says "why are you out? You should be at home relaxing!". I told her politely that I need to eat too. Why the heck should I be at home? Am I incapable of going out to eat? I am not going to pop at this very second. In fact I am not due till next month. So seriously, mind your own business. Blah!


  1. At least the hostess didn't ask if you wanted something stronger than a diet coke?

    You're proportioned really well and carrying well and doing well with weight gain, but it is VERY obvious you're VERY close to having a baby. What the hell is wrong with people?

  2. I think people assume when you are pregnant that you automatically become an incubator, incapable of rational human thought. While some of the attention can be nice, the unsolicited advice can be very irritating!