Thursday, March 17, 2011

I just spent 2.5 days in the hospital

and I am still pregnant. I went in on Monday for a standard NST. My blood pressure was 153/76. They sent me back to an ultrasound to check my placental fluid and it was down to 5.2 centimeters. They immediately checked me into Labor and delivery because my fluid was so low. I got poked prodded and the put me on an IV. I stayed in the L&D room overnight and they had Xander up to the NST moniters all night so I had to stay on my back and I didn't sleep at all. Then the next morning they checked my fluid and it was back up to 8.6 after 4 bags of saline solution into the IV. They sent me down to the neonatal ward for the next day and I had 2 NST's and my blood pressure was checked every hour. I spent the night down there and actually slept. I had one more NST this morning as well as a fluid check and I am up to 9.6. My BP was nice and normal the entire time I was in the hospital bed. I was discharged around noon. I have a NST to go to tomorrow and an appointment with my OB. I am just hoping my fluid stays up in the normal range. If not they may have to have me give birth early. I am 35 weeks today. I do have to say it was nice having everyone wait on my hand and foot.

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