Thursday, September 29, 2011

I won a blog award!

It was given to me by my best neighbor friend Janey !

See? How cool is that? 
Now I am supposed to share a few things about myself.
1. Starbucks cannot spell my name for anything. I have gotten Maghew and McAgen written on my cup and I am not even kidding. lol
2. I have a 5mo old son named Xander and he is too cute for words.
3. I was born in NW Ohio, raised in Memphis TN, went to college in NW Ohio at BGSU, got my first teaching job in Topeka, KS, and now I am living in Hawaii. I have moved so much you would have thought I was an Army brat, but really my move to Hawaii is my first military move lol.
4. I am Wiccan. It is an Earth religion. It is NOT devil worshiping. :)

And now to pass on the award to someone else.

I think I have to pass on this award to my bestie Noel because she just all around rocks. I don't really follow any more blogs regularly so I only have one person to pass this on to.



  1. You're my best neighbor friend too! And, that is not just because the rest of the neighbors suck and slam doors in my face, and hide contraband on your lanai. lol

    I am a little upset though that you're not a devil worshiper. There goes our whole friendship! lol I can't believe people actually believe that!

  2. Sometime the Starbucks people are really something special :)