Friday, April 23, 2010

I have not been nerdy enough on here

After all this is the life of a NERDY army wife. I have spent many posts on the Army and being a loving devoted wife but only 1 post so far on my nerdom. So here's to you Nerdiness. I am going to list all of the nerdy things I have done recently.

1. bought 2 star wars cookbooks
2. bought a star wars party book
3. bought a book called Obsessed with Star wars
4. Watched the original animated Transformers movie
5. watched Glee
6. Watched a 1977 Star Wars Trailer
7. Wrote in my blog
8. Read an Indiana Jones Zombie book
9. Watched some Anime
10. Read my husband's Super Street Bike Magazine
11. Planned a presentation for the FRG about OPSEC
12. Watched Season 2 of the Muppet Show
13. Bought one of the boys I watch a lightsaber
14. I am successfully nerdifying the other boy I watch by having him watch Nightmare before christmas, transformers, star wars, and indiana jones (he requests the movies now)
15. bought several fantasy posters
16. bought a dragon figurine
17. bought Brian dragon swim trunks
18. read a history book on ancient religions
19. read several books on wicca
20. watched some bellydance videos on you tube
21. Searched for some pinup girl clothing
22. Played Age of Mythology.

Am I nerdy enough for you?


  1. hey whats nerdy about bellydance?! :lmao: I LVOE YOUA ND YOUR NERDINESS, SOULMATE!!!

  2. I love your Nerdification of other and your own nerdiness so very much.

  3. I love you AND all your nerdiness!

  4. aw i love your nerd love of star wars :D