Monday, April 19, 2010

Thought on soul mates

I know that Brian and I are soul mates. I feel like I knew him from the moment we met. We both had a love at first sight moment. And the funny thing is Brian and I both didn't believe in that bullshit before we met.

And on that note I think I have figured out why it is so hard to be apart from the one you love for so long. Brian and I spent our whole lives trying to find each other. We completed each other like pieces of a puzzle. But then came the deployment. We were forced apart right after we found each other. I think it hurts so bad because each of us accidentally kept a part of the other soul when we were pulled apart, and we are trying constantly to make ourselves whole again.

That being said. I miss my hubby terribly.

A little over 2.5 months left.


I love you Honey B.


  1. I love you so much hun. We are perfect together. Soon I will be able to give you that small piece I brought with me back.

  2. youre in the home stretch soulmate! im counting down the days with you!!! <3

  3. awww!

    You've got this! right at that mark I started buying the homecoming outfit and making my signs....tad early i know but i had to do something with the nervous energy :)

  4. Yeah I don't get to buy a homecoming outfit. I have to wear the company t-shirt because the FRG leader said so and I am a key caller. UGH!