Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It has started

I have started my deep cleaning of the house in preparation of  Brian's return
Here is the list of things I will be doing.
1. Laundry (already in progress)
2. Wash the bedding especially the comforter
3. organize my closet
4. Organize Brian's Closet
5. Clean and organize all the drawers and the desk in the office
6. Get mattresses from my grandma
7. Make bed in office
8. Vacuum the whole apartment
9. dust all the surfaces in the apartment
10. Straighten the living room
11. Straighten the kitchen
12. Scrub all the hard surfaces in the Kitchen
13. Scrub all the hard surfaces in the bathroom
14. Wash the hard floors
15. Bleach and wash the floor on the patio
16. Wash down all the surfaces on the patio
17. Get a new tank of gas for the grill
18. Straighten the TA50 closet
19. Organize the outdoor storage closet (Brian told me to wait on this one)
20. Clean out and Vacuum the 2 vehicles
21. Wash the 3 vehicles
22. Get the chain and sprocket replaced on Brian's Bike
23. Fix the baseboards that are peeling away in the apartment
24. fix the carpet in the hallway
25. Dishes
26. Clean out fridge
27. Grocery shopping
28. take out trash
29. take bags of clothing to Goodwill
30. Take car into shop to get dents out
31. Levy Briefing
32. Transportation
33. Finance
34. Port Call
35. Haircut
36. Wax
37. Turn on Brian's phone
38. Put new fairing stay on the bike
39. Fix crack in Truck windshield

And I am sure there is more. Anyone want to come help me? I have a month to get this all done.


  1. Holy shit hun. Talk about a long list. I know no matter what you dont get done if anything the place will look great. You are so great to me. I love you more everyday. The little things that you do always amaze me and make me fall in love all over again. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my world. I cant wait to help you clean again love.

  2. I don't necessarily WANT to help you do that stuff, but I WILL :)