Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holy Hail Batman

We got one hell of a rain storm today. Golf Ball size hail. Hurricane force winds. Power went out. It was crazy. Here is the negative thing. We got serious hail damage. So bad that it knocked the motorcycle over onto the truck and set off the alarm on the scion. The damage is pretty decent and will total out the truck because it is so old. The scion and bike will be fixed. We were already planning on selling the truck. This just speeds up things. And we will be getting more money this way than if we would sell on the open market.
But it does offer up a problem. We will be down to one vehicle after the truck is gone, which is fine..... Until we have to send the scion off to Hawaii a month before we leave. Then we will only have the motorcycle until transportation picks up our household goods then we will have no way to get around at all. That would be a problem.

However, my Uncle Russ is amazing and is letting us borrow his Jeep Grand Cherokee for that last month. Thank goodness because if he didn't we would have to rent for a month for $600 ugh. We will have to pay for the bike entirely because it is under our deductible of $250. And we will have to pay $300 deductible for the scion. But I estimate we will probably get somewhere between 2-4 thousand for the truck woohoo!!!!!!

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  1. So, my car didn't look bad when kent got home with it. Then we went to a movie. Then we came out of the movie. Then I got a better look at it from another angle.

    I shall be having my hood replaced, as well as a windshield in the back, which has chips in it.

    Go Kansas..... or something.