Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I hate about this deployment

1. 12 months away from my love
2. IDF Drills
3. "Fireworks"
4. The Internet
5. Not being able to touch my love
6. the War
7. People not understanding why he is there
8. People not understanding that it is not a choice
9. r&r is too short
10. Not being able to take care of my love when he is hurting or sick
11. Noone to cook for
12. Always alone in my house
13. Night time
14. very boring
15. No sex
16. Not feeling safe
17. Not being able to text him whenever I want to
18. having to deal with crisis on my own
19. Not being able to cuddle at night
20. Spending our entire first year of marriage apart.

But it is almost over. We only have 10% left to go. I love my hubby so much and it is totally worth everything that we have gone through this year.


  1. *hugs* I'm sorry sweetie. :( This list made me remember all those things I was going through when we had our deployment. I'm glad it's almost over for you, though!

  2. I have a short list to add to yours love.

    not being able to drive
    not being able to give you a kiss goodnight
    the communication issues
    the shitty food
    retardedness of this unit
    not being able to give you a kiss whenever
    not being able to guarantee i will even have power
    not being able to give you a hug in the morning or a kiss when i go to pt