Monday, July 5, 2010

He better be damn happy :P

I just spent $270 on groceries for his homecoming. This does not even include perishables which I will not get till we are closer to when he gets home so that they won't spoil like right after he gets here lol. I also spent $50 on stuff to change the oil in his bike. The rain today was actually a clean rain so it very nicely washed the vehicles for me thank goodness. I am getting my hair and beauty stuff done on thursday and friday. On wednesday Brian's car should be out of the shop and all sparkly. Then I am going to stop by the carwash and vacuum out the vehicle. I still need to clean out the inside of the SUV as well. I am almost done with my list and he is almost home. We have so much we want to do when he gets home that I am worried as to if we will get it all done. But whether we do or not I know we will be the happiest we have been in a year. I am just so happy to have my helper home. There are so many things he did around the house that I took for granted. Here is my short list.

1. Help carry in Groceries
2. Dishes
3. Take out Trash
4. Clean out Litter Box
5. Help with laundry
6. Help keep apartment clean
7. Sex (yeah, yeah, we are horny people lol)
8. Going on Dates
9. Snuggling on the couch.
10. Sleeping together in bed.

There are so many others but those are the main ones.
I miss him so much. He will be home so soon I can taste it.


  1. I totally would have snuggled with you.

    Psh. Glad to know I'm not good enough! :(

  2. I don't know Noel, I get awfully touchy feely when I snuggle. I think Kent may object.

  3. bahahah. heck i might object. Its my turn to snuggle. hahah. And yes I completely appreciate everything you have done love. You are the best. You have taken care of everything so very well while I have been away. I cannot wait to help or completely take a few things off your hands when I get back. I love you so very much. You are everything to me in this world.