Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unassociated Drama

Ok so Brian's unit is one of those that only refers to the soldiers as last names. They barely ever give the sex of the person they are talking about. And, the unit is big like 300 people big. Brian is a SGT. He is alot different from the other SGTs in his unit because he likes to look out for the little guy. So people talk like Sestokas did this for me and Sestokas did that for me. 

Brian has a very distinctive car. It is a dark blue Scion TC with rims, lowered, mirror tint and a silver wing on the back. Everyone in the unit wives included know that that is Sestokas's car. To make it more noticable it has his car club sticker on the Sunroof front panel that says "Criminal Intent". So needless to say everyone knows the car.

I have been driving Brian's car this whole deployment because it is fun, fast and I look good driving it lol. And because I am proud of myself learning to drive a stick.

So far there have been a rash of divorces in his unit during this deployment. Of the married soldiers in the unit (about 125) 50% are ending in divorce at the end of this deployment. It is absolutely horrendous!

Well on 3 separate occasions Brian has been accused of having an affair with another soldier while deployed........

These soldiers are all married men....

Why do you ask? 
1. they hear all the time about how awesome Sestokas is.
2. They don't know the sex of Sestokas so they assume because he is nice he must be a she.
3. They have seen me driving Sestokas's car around post.
4. They are looking for an easy out to their marriage.

 WTF people please don't involve us with your petty 9th grade  BS

We are happily married. Neither of us have ever cheated and don't plan on it. 

I plan on showing up to the redeployment ceremony in Brian's car just to shut people up.

Brian is utterly confused by this whole thing.

On a positive note every time they talk about me driving the car they refer to me as a "hot chick"  Banana dancer

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  1. Don't people have better things to do? I am really??? And the fact that they can't check the fact is even more annoying. I hope they stop!