Friday, September 10, 2010

Appointment update

So I had my appointment on wednesday. It went well and it sucked all at the same time.....

I got there 15 minutes ahead of time and they set me down with a novel of paperwork to fill out while I ate my breakfast. Then I turned in the clipboard and waited about 30 minutes to be called back. We sat with the doctor for another 30 minutes answering her questions and taking my blood pressure. She told me everything I already knew... Only gain 15 lbs, only eat one can of tuna a week, no big game fish (which may be an issue in Hawaii lol), no sushi, no smoking, no drinking.. No here is some good news though, I can stay on all my allergy meds for my asthma which I had taken myself off of because I didn't know if it was safe or not,  but, yay for Singulair and Zyrtec!!!! Then I went downstairs for blood and urine samples. I tried to warn the girl taking my blood that I don't give blood very well but she didn't believe me.... I had to give 5 vials of blood. She stuck me just fine, I shoot out blood like a champ but around vial number 3 I started cold sweating and B said the color dropped out of my face and my hands got like ice. She put the bandage on my arm and then she actually looked at my face and kinda freaked out. She layed me back and started fanning me until I felt better. I tried to warn her... This happens every single time I give blood, even when I got my tattoo. And it is not like I can't take the small amount of pain. I honestly think that it is my body going into shock for some reason. But after I recover, I am fine. Then I went in and gave the urine sample. This was the first time IN MY LIFE I didn't have issues with giving urine, I guess preggo pees are good for something lol. I have my next appointment at 9am on September 22nd and at that appointment we get to hear the heartbeat.


  1. *dances around*

    I'm excited.

    That is all. :D

  2. Glad they let you stay on Singulair! They made me go on Claritin and saline spray when I was on Singulair and Flonase. They put me back on Singulair though in my 2nd trimester! That sucks about the giving blood...what sucks even more is they take blood almost every doc appointment (or at least they did with me and most ladies I know) so hopefully B can be there with you for that.