Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun facts about Meghan #933

I cannot hold a grudge to save my life.

No seriously. In middle school I had a girl who stole my pens every week and tripped me in the hall. I was really good friends with her in high school.

I have had friends that I have deleted from facebook. They took the effort to add me back, I will say yes regardless of who they are.

I know that I have as well as everyone else have had bad days, weeks, and months. We have all said things we don't really mean because we were either in a really bad mood or following along with peer pressure. I get it, I understand.

That is why if a person makes the effort to add me back as a friend on facebook after being deleted, I will 99 times out of 100 say yes.

I even had a few people blocked. I did this to give space to allow us to cool down and not litter up other people's facebook pages with our anger. Because they don't deserve our issues to spread to their pages.

After the whole mess had cooled down and was forgotten I unblocked those people. It was unnecessary.

It is also unnecessary to have 1000's of friends on facebook because I talked to you once for a split second. If I am not talking to a person on facebook after a while I will delete because I like to keep my facebook clean. It is not that I don't like that person it was just that we weren't talking and friends talk.

That being said, if any of them were to add me back right now I would say yes.

I give people more chances than most deserve. I think it comes from growing up with a sister. I had to forgive and forget with her because she will always be my sister. That has crossed over into my personal relationships as well. Sometimes it bites me, like thinking that marriage was going to change my first husband. But for the most part the ebbing and waning of friends has allowed me to find a true core of really amazing women who I know I can talk to about anything and know they won't go spreading it around all of kingdom come lol.

So all that being said, If you add me on facebook, I will say yes. If after a few months we aren't really talking you will be deleted. After all, facebook is just a computer program........

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  1. If you delete me i'm going to cry for hours in a dark corner and rock myself.