Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Movers are Here!

They are packing up as I type this. We have way more stuff than I thought we did lol. All of the stuff the movers won't take is pretty annoying. I guess my neighbor Christina will just be getting alot of food from us lol. They take the stuff away on Thursday. Then Brian and I are left with an air mattress, our toiletries, the clothing we are packing, a small flat screen TV, our laptops, all the stuff they won't pack, camping kitchen stuff, our cable box, and our modems. We will be "roughing it" for about 2 full weeks and we will leave here on the 1st to go to my grandparents in Kansas City. We will be in KC for about 4 days and plan on going to the Ren. Fest while we are there. We catch the flight on the 5th to Hawaii. We fly first to Chicago then to Hawaii. I have not looking forward to the second leg because in my pregnant state I am going to have to spend alot of time on that tiny bathroom on board lol. Luckily, Binx will fly with us and we will get there in time to take him from quarantine that day. Brian has already started out processing on post. I am so excited! We are almost out of the hell hole.


  1. I hear a Coach store in Hawaii calling our names in, say, January? :D

  2. soulmate i am so excited for you!