Thursday, June 2, 2011

I know I have been slacking.

But taking care of a baby is tough work. Plus we just had Brian's Dad and Step-mom come to visit last week. That was a horrible adventure. His Step-mom has no concept of boundaries. Here is an example. We bought an 80 pack of k-cups at Costco the evening they came in. By the third day they were there, they had used 40 of them. that is right 40 cups of coffee in 3 days. WTF! And K-cups are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Xander is sleeping right now. We have found that if he gets a two hour nap in the morning and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, then he sleeps most of the way through the night. He is still pretty Colicy but not as bad as before.

My Parents come into town tomorrow and will be in town for the next 2 weeks.

So about a month ago I got a letter from the State of Kansas. It was regarding my state retirement. Apparently because I only worked 4 years instead of 5 there in Kansas, I wasn't vested and had to pull out the money that was put into their retirements system. So last week about $4500 were deposited into our checking account. We used that money to get several things.
#1 was a new Living Room.
We got a 42" LG LED TV, LG BluRay and Surround Sound, Coffee Table, End Tables, A Leather Couch, A leather love seat, New Lamps, Baskets to go under the end tables, Frames for our posters on the wall, And a new rug. And two new posters and two throw pillows.
#2 was the Lanai.
We got tiki torches, String lights, a weed eater, an american flag, and a US Army spinner. We also moved the old grey couch onto the Lanai for comfy seating, and some plastic dinnerware.
#3 Was Xander
We got a new Tummy time mat, Several outfits, a swim suit, a tent for the beach with SPF 50, sunscreen, and a new blanket, and a johnny jump up
#4 was the Car
Brian got a new fuel filter and some other filters to help improve his gas mileage.
#5 Was the Bedroom
We got an additional end table for Brian's side of the bed, and we moved the old coffee table upstairs to become a bench at the end of the bed and I made a pillow for on top.
#6 Was for us
Brian got a pair of shorts and a polo shirt, I got 4 nursing tanks and a pair of jeans. We also ordered our upgraded wedding rings from (they come in tomorrow)

Here are a few pictures of what we bought.
Tummy Time Mat


TV and surround sound

couch and pillows

end tables

rug and coffee table

other end table



couch in lanai

string lights

flag and tiki's

spinner and tikis

Johnny jump up

plastic plates and bowls

Bench, I made that pillow :)


My favorite of his new clothes



  1. All of that is fabulous, and like I've said, I can't wait to see it in person.

    I am VERY anxious to see the new rings :D

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  3. Wow anonymous, you know nothing of me or my husband. We did put money in the savings. Those posters are actually my husband's choice, though I enjoy them as well. I am a nerd because I am intelligent, like star wars, and I like to read. My husband is very similar to me, we are total soulmates. My choice of decoration is not a rebellion, I have liked things like that since I was little. My parents encouraged me to be my own person just like I will to my son. Being different is what makes a person special. I do not want my son to be a robot and the same as everyone else. So I have a temper, that is what makes me who I am. Just because you have a child does not mean that your life ends. You just add to the life you already have. Every single person I have encountered with my son has told me I am a wonderful mother. I am most smarter than most with an IQ of 160. If you dislike who I am or what I type, then feel free to not read my blog anymore. I do not understand why you felt you had to comment at all since you obviously have never met me or my husband before. Just because you have never met a soldier like my husband does not mean that they do not exist. You seem to be a person who relies on stereotypes. They broke the mold when they created my family and I am very proud of the way my family has turned out.

  4. Wow Anonymous you obviously don't have any right to comment on my wifes blog. What makes you think that soldiers cannot be gothic or into witchcraft. You must have not gone to any gothic/vampire movies lately. I have gone to them and they are full of military. You are very narrow minded and need to look out around you. By the way if you don't know someone you have no right to comment negatively on their posts. Good thing you posted anonymously because if you hadn't I would be posting this on your blog and giving you a larger piece of my mind. Thank You for showing me how retarded and narrow minded people are.

  5. wow anon, what the fuck. you have no fucking right to make those asinine comments to people you dont even know. people who, might i add, are two of the nicest, smartest, caring, most amazing people i know and who are FABULOUS parents. if youre going to shit-talk someone, at least have the fucking courage to not do it anonymously. fucking coward.

    meghan and brian, I LOVE YOU!!! <3<3<3

  6. I'm finding it hard to be anything than amused by the anonymous comment.

    I'd be willing to bet that you're either an Officer or an Officer's spouse with your crack about being married to an enlisted man. Which means I have this to say to you: Must be nice to know that your husband basically has a desk job for the MOST part, while all his "employees" are out busting their asses so he can tell them they're doing everything wrong, but do nothing to fix it.

    If you knew Meghan at all you would understand and realize that not only is she a fabulous person who is willing to bend over backwards for ANYONE in need of help, regardless of whether she likes you, or you have been a complete douchebag to her in the past, and is one of the nicest people I have ever had the BLESSING to meet and become friends with.

    They may believe in the Wiccan religion, but they don't press it on anyone else. They're not the ones knocking on my door every other day trying to convert me. They don't ask for donations to try to support their "church," and in the years that I have known them, they have never once brought up their religion to me until *I* asked *THEM* about it. Then they were happy to tell me about it. I can say with certainty and confidence that if Xander wanted to be a religion other than what she and her husband believe in, they would have no problems with it, as they want their son to be happy, and live his life how HE wants to.

    I find it amusing that you think Meghan is unintelligent. She was a teacher for years before she gave up her passion (oh yes, it's a passion) to be with her her husband and raise their son. Once her son is old enough that he doesn't need to be breastfed constantly, she is looking to get back into teaching. I know this because we've spoken at length about how, since our husbands very well may deploy around the same time, I would spend most of the deployment in Hawaii with her so she would have someone she trusts to raise her son with the great values they'd instill in him if they were the ones watching him, while she's not around.

    Her husband is easy going, but so is Meghan. It takes a lot to get either of them fired up, but when they DO get fired up, it's for good reason. She doesn't get all bent out of shape over most things, and never will, it's just not her style, nor is it his.

    I'm going to address the part you wrote about needing to stop making everything in life about HER, and focus on her son, once again. Since the MINUTE she found out she was pregnant, it has all been about her son. They have given up a lot because they want their son to have everything they didn't, and want to make sure he is provided for in every way possible.

    If you knew Meghan and Brian as parents at all, you would know that Xander is the absolute light of their life, and everything they do is for him, and I mean EVERYTHING. They bought new couches now, with money they weren't expecting, because they didn't want to make Xander miss out on anything by spending their paychecks. They waited until extra cash came around. They spent 90% of their tax return on things for the baby, and the rest they put in savings. Want to know how I know that? I was at their house when the return came through, and I SAW exactly where it went.

    You are clearly nothing other than a grade "A" pussy for posting your comment anonymously and not standing behind it by signing your name so you can own up to your opinions.

    Or maybe you're afraid your attitude will get your Commander husband in trouble. Who knows.