Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Nerdy Saturday

So since Saturday tends to be everyone's down day I thought I would start a habit of blogging my favorite Nerdy items I have seen on the interwebz during the week.

Item number one I saw on a favorite blog I follow, Geekologie. How beautiful are these custom Star Wars wedding bands? I want them for our eventual vow renewal so badly.

My second item comes from my favorite nerdy shopping store, ThinkGeek. I want Popsicles now. Plus they light up, how awesome.

I saw this wedding cake on Pinterest and Brian and I just fell in love with it. Best dragon cake ever. I mean look at those wings!

This last one comes from the Blog OffbeatFamilies. What is better than a craft you can do with your kids? A Nerdy craft you can do with your kids! Behold C-3PO made out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

Yay for nerdtastic Saturdays!

1 comment:

  1. I love all of the super nerdy items above. The rings would be awesome right hand rings.