Friday, January 25, 2013

A Week from today

I have a non stress test today for my pregnancy. It consists of me driving all the way to Tripler Army Medical Center to sit in a chair and have two monitors strapped to my baby belly to hear the baby's heartbeat and to see if I am having contractions. I have to have NST's because I have chronic hypertension (even when not pregnant) and a family history of cerebral hemorrhage. I go in for the NST's twice a week and I did the same when I was pregnant with Xander. It is boring but necessary according to my Dr's. The bonus of the NST's is once a week I get to see my daughter on the ultrasound. After today I only have one more NST scheduled.

Why you ask? Well, because they are inducing me a week from today. Due to my medical conditions and family history, the Dr's feel it is in my best health interest to be induced. I was also induced when I was pregnant with Xander. Because I have already had an induction at Tripler before, I know pretty much exactly what to expect. Brian and I are just now playing the waiting game. I mean sure, I could go into labor before next friday, but I doubt it. We have our Daughter's room all set and ready to go. Our bags are mostly packed minus things we will use between now and then. Lovely, Jane from Taingamala has graciously agreed to watch Xander while Brian and I are in the Hospital. Now it is just a waiting game and I am going out of my mind lol. I just want to hold her in my arms now and start breastfeeding and start losing weight. Not that I gained a lot this pregnancy (only 14 lbs), but that I am not at all at a weight I am comfortable with. Plus Brian and I are going to the Brigade Ball at the beginning of April. So, that doesn't give me alot of time to get formal dress ready. 

In the next few days I will go more in depth with Brian's medical issues and Xander's Speech issues.

So, what exciting things do you have happening in the next week?

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