Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Xander's Speech issues

So around a year old I noticed that Xander pretty much had zero words. He had said bath for a week and then nothing. He would say dadadadadadadad and bababababa over and over but no real words. So I mentioned something to his peds dr. She referred him to a speech therapist who in turn tested him and determined he had a speech delay. We got him signed up for occupational speech therapy the next month.

He is seen about 2x a month and the therapist works with him on naming objects and sorting and basically a structured play time. Xander has been making progress. He says daddy, car, bath, and when he sees himself in the mirror he calls himself Xandy. He also approximates a lot of phrases like "I did it". He is very independent and doesn't like help from us which is a hindrance in his speech because he will just do something on his own instead of asking for help. He has yet to call me mama or mommy. We have also been working on a little sign language and any time he needs help with something being opened he taps twice on it. Which is nice for the communication, but he doesn't pair it with any words yet. He is making progress and he babbles a ton more but he is just not a speaker yet. He turns 2 in 2 months and I am not sure if we will be able to start on potty training any time soon because his communication is just not up where it needs to be in order to be successful.

Every time I see other people post about words their babies say or videos of their babies talking I get sad. I really wish that Xander could tell us anything. I wish I could show off videos of him talking to me. Really I just wish he would call me mama.

Damn now I am crying.


  1. I really wish he would talk too. I was hoping that he would pick up talking like he has everything else so far. Not walking one day and then practically running the next for example. Please Xander just start talking and be a little less independant.

    1. Brayden is the same way. It's hard to explain because he KNOWS how to say a lot of words,wehave heard him!He just isn't very consistant with it. We know that one day, he's going to just start, like he did with walking. (sounds like him and Xander did the same thing). I feel you on the 'mama/mommy' thing too! I know it's hard, but don't compare your little man to the "super babies of facebook". I try not to post too much about B because the LAST thing I want to do is make a mother who is working her tail off feel like anything less than the great mom she is. Hang in there!! He will soon be talking up a storm!! xoxo

  2. My Aydan was a delayed speaker as well. I know what you are talking about. Aydan was deaf until he had tubes in his ears at 8 months old. He had so many ear infections he couldn't hear because of the fuild in his ear. So he didn't talk clearly until around 5- but I didn't know about early intervention and he didn't have speach therapy until he was in kindergarden. Now you can't tell he ever had issues speaking. He speaks very clearly and his vocabulary is actually advanced for his age! But he was easily 2+ before I heard "momma" as well.

  3. :( That has to be such a struggle not hearing him call you mommy. And, you know he is a thinker with a whole lot on his mind and you just want to hear it. It's hard to be excited for other people when you so badly want that for your son and that's normal. I think you being on top of this and bringing him to a speech therapist right away was great and just like everything else, I have no doubt in his own time he will be talking up a storm. Hugs!

  4. Charlie has been in speech since he was 3. It was hard for me to admit that he had issues, but he never talked much. It has helped him so much though and he is so close with his therapists! And believe me, soon you will be so amazed at all he can say! It just hit me one day with Charlie- I was like, "wow, listen to that boy jibber jabber!" Hang in there!