Saturday, May 8, 2010

I hate my lungs

So I have sports related Asthma. I have for a while now. Usually it is just annoying. But now as I am getting older it has gotten worse. At first it was just when I worked out I would wheeze the whole time. Then add in when I was walking up stairs. Now I am just sitting on my bed and I am wheezing for no reason. I think all of the years of working in public schools and getting Bronchitis every year has damaged my lungs. I am going to the doctor on Tuesday to talk to him about actually getting an inhaler. Since I have not ever had an inhaler before.  Maybe this will make it easier for me to run?

I have a jam packed week.
On Monday I am headed to Kansas City to get a piercing done.
On Tuesday is the Doctors appointment.
On Wednesday I work 24 hours and the FRG Bowling night
On Thursday is my payday and an FRG coffee social
On Friday I am getting my haircut and it is Brian's payday
My weekend is actually free lmao!

I also wanted to say in this post that I love my hubby so much. I cannot wait to have him back in my arms. We only have 2 months left. I think we can make it.


  1. i KNOW you can make it!!! youve made it this far! <3

  2. Your weekend is not free. Your weekend requires some hanging out with me!!!

  3. great make me even more busy Noel lol