Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We finally did it

We switched from Bank of America to USAA. We were sick and tired of all the bank fees and we just realized that there are no BoA's in Hawaii. So we made the switch to USAA over the last month and the myPay website finally told us the direct deposit made the switch. It will be so nice because we can scan in checks and not need to go to the bank for pretty much anything and they refund you the ATM fees. And best of all the Army checks go in earlier to USAA than to Bank of America. Now because Brian still only has the Bank of America debit card in Iraq right now and he still has a few things he needs to do there we are not closing that account quite yet. But as soon as he is home it will be GONE and we will no longer have to deal with that fucking organization.



  1. I love USAA. It's more user friendly. Yay for switching.

  2. Yay for it going through. I cant wait to get rid of Bank Of America. They have been such pains in the butt. USAA has issues with POA's but once you are on the account it is great.

  3. I HATED Bank of America military bank, but we have had USAA for 5 or so years and WE LOVE THEM!