Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The bookshelves

well folks here are the bookshelves I bought and put together yesterday and today. The best part is now we have more room for more books. That just gives me an excuse to go to the bookstore again. YAY!
Later on this afternoon I am going to get my hair trimmed. Hair grows so much faster when it is short. Tonight I plan on working out and talking to Brian online but that is about it. I live a boring life lol.


  1. sounds like a good day to me! the bookshelves look great :) i really need another one but im gonna wait til we move less thing to worry about packing lol

  2. The funny thing is little mark has decided the Styrofoam that the shelves were packed in is the most fun ever. Cheapest toys are the best toys.

  3. SO true.
    this is why my children will not be given toys...only sticks and boxes :lol:

  4. I like your bookshelves. They look perty!

  5. The book shelves look great. You did such a great job putting them together. Now we can finish our sets. lol

    Honey B