Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ok back to my to do list because I have totally been slacking.

Tomorrow's to-do list

1. Elliptical
2. Crunches
3. Eat well.
4. Vacuum the living room
5. Laundry
6. Dishes
7. Talk to Brian
8. Call and Pay Brian's car note
9. Return my brand new Zune that refuses to turn back on. :(
10. Transfer Brian's motorcycle insurance to State Farm


  1. heres some links for zune troubleshooting; i know sometimes my ipod freezes or refuses to turn on and all i have to do is hold down a few buttons to restart it. i hope this is all your zune needs! it would be a PITA to have to return it after JUST getting it :(

  2. Oh believe me I already did all the troubleshooting. It is exchanged. I hope this new one works. I guess we will see.

  3. i know it will work hun. I think the other one was a previous return since the box was opened.

    Honey B