Thursday, February 25, 2010


So you are looking at the new First Maintenance Company Family Readiness Group Auto Light Key Caller. It all started with me not getting any info from the FRG and it ended with me getting all the info lol. I am actually really happy. Secretly I really did want to be a part of the FRG from the moment I met Brian. But everyone around me tried to talk me out of it. Now I am an officer basically and I couldn't be happier. I like being a person in charge. I have always been group leaders and officers from high school on. I am glad to be in this position again. Hopefully when we PCS to Hawaii I can be part of our new FRG as well.


  1. Very nice. I'm glad you feel better. Dig up some dirt on the 630th for me!

  2. That's a pretty long title LOL. The entire time Dh was in the military I was a Point of Contact (POC) for our FRG. I LOVED it. It made the deployment SO much more bearable. I hope your FRG is as rewarding for you as it was for me. Congrats!