Sunday, February 21, 2010


So Brian and I are talking online today. Then I get on facebook and realize for the first time in like ever Brian is on facebook chat. So I IM him on facebook chat as well. He tells me that he is talking to the daughter of his Step Uncle. 

At that point my jealousy kicks in. 1. He is talking to her and not really talking to me all that much. 2. technically he is not related to her. 3. She is a teenage girl who probably thinks it is awesome to be talking to a cute older army guy. 

I know that I should not be jealous. They have known each other forever. He considers her a cousin. It is not that I don't trust him it is that I don't trust the intentions of teenage girls around him. I don't want to have to beat them off with a stick, you know? 

Ugh why did I have to waste a perfectly good conversation on a stupid thing like that. 


Anyway my to do list today

1. eat well
2. exercise
3. get over the cold Brian sent me from Iraq
4. Shopping 
5. Clean up bedroom
6. Clean hard floors

Woot short list today. I sucked today lol. Oh well tomorrow is a new day. Plus sundays are my off days for diet.


  1. Hah. I've had that happen a couple times here and there. I don't think it was so much that I was jealous of WHO he was talking to (ok, maybe a LITTLE bit of it was), but more than he was talking to someone else and I wasn't getting his FULL attention (hey - we get needy like that sometimes!). Like you, it's not that I don't trust him, it's that I don't trust the intentions of OTHERS. People are scandalous.

  2. Yay someone else who understands!

  3. im really sorry hun that i made you jealous. I really dont mean to make you jealous. You are my world and if i could and nothing else went on i would only talk and cherish you for the rest of my life.

  4. I think it's an innate thing we have in our hearts and minds when our husbands talk to another girl, no matter who it is. I get the same way too and before I used to say something about it but now I just think, "Ok is it really worth it to say something? Could I be overreacting?" Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no lol. It's best to just tell him how you feel (calmly, not crying and yelling - personal experience lol). Anyway Trust in your husband and your marriage. You've got a good one in both areas!