Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today was just an overall great day

I woke up to Brian getting online. We cammed and actually were able to talk over the cam. We have had an amazing week. We are communicating so well. I miss him so much. Every conversation we have is about what we are going to do when he gets back. He ordered my birthday gift from I cannot wait to see what he got me. He also let me go today and get myself a Zune. So now I have a really good MP3 player. I took a nap this afternoon. Today was my free day for food so I had sonic and dominos lol. I drove Brian's manual today. It is getting so easy for me. I am not stalling out at all. It sounds natural and I am barely having to think about shifting. I get lots of looks when I drive Brian's car. Brian says it is because it is a hot girl driving a hot car. He says it is rare to see a girl drive a car like his. I just love driving it because it is so fast. I am watching the Dark Knight right now and eating my pizza. Brian should be online soon. I just can't believe I am so lucky to have married a man who takes care of me so well. Today was great.


  1. I miss having a manual transmission car, BADLY. If I ever buy a CAR again, instead of an SUV, it will absolutely be a manual.

    What kind of car does he have?

    Also: I'm terribly jealous that y'all have Sonic. We don't have them around here :(

  2. He has a Scion TC. He is a mechanic so he has tricked the hell out of the car. It is super fast. I won't have sonics for long. We are moving to Hawaii in October and they don't have them there. When you come here after your deployment we should go to Sonic :)

  3. I am so totally down for going to Sonic, you have no idea. When I was in Florida over Christmas with my friend the ONLY place I demanded to go before I came home, was Sonic. How lame is that?

    What kind of ghetto place doesn't believe in Sonic :(

    I was thoroughly convinced Hawaii was going to cease to exist until a few hours ago.

    "The 49 states and that rock, in the Pacific Ocean."

  4. Yeah I am friends with a girl who is stationed out there and she and I were both convinced from early on that everyone was overreacting. We of course, were right lol.